Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Work Bench #1

Here are some recently completed terrain pieces. I put these together for three reasons. One, I realized that I would need more terrain if I was going to try running Tomorrow's War. Two, more terrain is always helpful for miniature wargames and role-playing games. And three, terrain don't need no reason.

These are a couple of craters from GW's Moonscape set. The plastic is pretty thin on these. I'm not sure how well they will hold up on the long term. Getting them tabletop ready was pretty straightforward. I glued down some sand on the smooth edges for texture. Painting consisted of a gray spray primer followed by a brown basecoat, black wash, linen highlight, and brown wash.

Presented below are a few stands of trees. These were Christmas diorama trees purchased on sale after the holidays last year. I'm still working out a streamlined way to get these tabletop ready. This time, I started with a green spray paint to cover up the white snow effects. Flock was applied with brushed on tacky glue. After it was dry, I used a spray bottle to apply a layer of watered down glue to further secure the flock. The original bases were replaced with tree trunks sculpted from two part epoxy putty and mounted on wood circles purchased from a hobby store. I glued down some sand to texture the base and painted the trunk and stand.

Next time, I might try brushing on some paint to cover up the white snow effect rather than spraying it on. Very little of this layer actually shows through the flock and it will save me a trip outside.

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