Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Austin Gaming Scene

I've called the area in and around Austin, Texas home for the past several years. It's the home to a fair number of gaming stores and events. A little research on my part led to this handy list.

Gaming Stores:
(From north to south, for no particular reason.)

Rogues Gallery in Round Rock has a variety of RPGs and board games. In-store gaming is mostly D&D Encounters and Magic the Gathering due to space limitations.

Wonkos hosts game nights on a rotating schedule. The selection is focused on collectibles and Games Workshop products.

Dragon's Lair has a good mix of RPGs, board games, and miniature wargames. Their gaming events calendar is online. They have a good amount of space for gaming, but it can fill up fast.

The main focus of Great Hall Games is on classic games, board games, and historical miniature wargaming. They have a dedicated play area in the back.

Tribe Comics and Games prides itself as the only comic and gaming store in south Austin. They have a variety of games for sale. The owner sometimes manages to get some out of print or rare stuff, but it goes real quick.

Gaming Events:

South Austin Game Night is a board gaming meet up held every Tuesday night in south Austin.

Give To Game is a charity board gaming event usually held in April, but recently threw together an impromptu event to benefit the Bastrop County Food Pantry. Show up, make a donation, and jump into a game.

The Austin Board Game Bash is a board game convention scheduled for August. It started last year and attendance was high enough to send the organizer looking for a new venue. Their website has a list of board game groups in Austin.

Millenniumcon is a miniatures wargaming convention in Round Rock. The main emphasis is on historical wargames, but fantasy and science fiction wargaming take up a fair chunk of the schedule.

I hope this list comes in handy for those new to the area and long time residents alike.

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