Saturday, February 1, 2014

Painting By Numbers #12 - Khurasan Miniatures' Dethroids

On the move, looking for trouble.

These are the Dethroids from Khurasan Miniatures' Planet 15 line. They come in a pack of four bodies with five separate heads - four Blasroid heads and one Overroid head. The Blasroids are armed with a prominent "heavy antimatter cannon" and no sense of humor. The Overroid is equipped with what I assume is a sensor array.

The backstory on the Khurasan Miniatures site depict them as pitiless, warlike creatures inside armored shells that double as life support systems. It fits well into the cinematic feel of the Planet 15 line. I'm not going to speculate on the inspiration for this background.

The miniatures resemble reconnaissance robots from a popular sci-fi franchise. The detailing is very good for 15mm figures. In-setting, the danging arms would give them an ability to manipulate objects that, for example, a single arm fitted with a plunger would not.

Trouble located.

The paint job was straightforward:
  • Spray primer.
  • Reaper Russet Brown (09199) basecoat.
  • Citadel Badab Black Wash to bring out the details.
  • First metallic layer - Citadel Tin Bitz, applied with heavy drybrushing.
  • Second metallic layer - Citadel Shining Gold, applied with light drybrushing as a highlight.
  • Reaper LED Blue (09288) to pick out the sensor details on the Overroid head.
  • Testors Dullcote seal.

I plan on using these figures as advanced robotic units for 15mm scale games. The cannon-armed ones can be the rank-and-file combat robots. The sensor-equipped one can be a command-and-control or reconnaissance robot. All four could be a scouting unit or a heavy weapons team.

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  1. Yeah, they're pretty obviously inspired by a certain Empire's cold-weather probe robot. These guys don't likely have self-destruct mechanisms though. More like "other-destruct mechanisms".