Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Warsenal Terrain

Close up of Warsenal's Communications Array.

Warsenal is a company that appeared on my radar through a series of ads on Facebook. Their focus is on making 28mm scale sci-fi terrain as well as plastic tokens for Infinity. I took advantage of a sale they were running late last year to purchase a few pieces. These two pieces are the first I've had the chance to put together and paint. I'll post about the others as I assemble and paint my way through the order.

Small Shipping Container

This is exactly what the name implies - a futuristic cargo crate scaled for 28mm. The material is laser cut MDF. Curiously, it lacks the burnt smell I've experienced with other laser cut MDF products.

Construction was easy. The pieces fit tightly - a little tacky glue is enough to hold things together. There are no printed instructions included with the kit. Instead, Warsenal posted an assembly video on YouTube. In many ways, seeing someone actually put the thing together is better than trying to figure out some pictures. On the other hand, I wish Warsenal zoomed in on some of the process. Also, having to rewatch parts of the video as I tried to follow along got annoying. These are minor gripes, though.

The Small Shipping Container is generic enough to fit into a variety of sci-fi settings. Much of its appearance depends on the paint job. A light paint job works for something like Infinity. A little darker and more worn for Star Wars. Much darker and more worn for certain grim futures.

Small Cargo Container pictured with Reaper Miniatures' Sarah Blitzer.

The doors can be removed without modifying the piece. This opens up some options for dioramas. It also has possibilities for an ambush scenario, since the Small Cargo Containers are large enough to contain a 28mm figure inside with the doors in place.

I decided on a quick and easy approach for the paint job. The first step used a grey auto body spray primer. The paint used was Krylon Camouflage with Fusion. The basecoat for the frame was olive and the basecoat for the doors was khaki.

Communications Array

This is a multi-station data access point scaled for 28mm. The structure is made of laser-cut MDF. The screens and antennae are made of acyclic.

The construction was a little challenging. I recommend watching the assembly video to get a feel for the process before starting to fit things together. Tacky glue is necessary to hold the pieces in place. The screens fit well enough without glue, which would be visible through the clear plastic.

Full view of the Communications Array.

The appearance of the Communications Array is generic enough to fit in a variety of sci-fi settings. The lack of skulls might make it a little conspicuous on some tables, though.

The paint job was another quick and easy one. Grey autobody spray primer followed by a Citadel Codex Grey basecoat. Next, I drybrushed on a little white mixed with Codex Grey. The last step was attaching the screens. I may do more with the dish array on top, but I'm holding off for now. Sometimes it's best to say "good enough" and move on to other projects.

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