Monday, April 2, 2018

Warsenal's Access Terminals

The Havoc Girls putting some access terminals to use.

These are Warsenal's Access Terminals. I finished painting and assembling these pieces last week. They have a bright future as roleplaying game scenery and wargaming objectives/terrain in a couple of upcoming projects.

I primed and spray painted the MDF parts prior to assembly. This was to avoid having the raw MDF showing through the transparent acrylic parts. Black primer was used to fill in the details. I picked out a can of purple paint from an old project that wasn't doing anybody any good just sitting there. The purple went on thicker and more glossy than I expected, but the final result looks good. Looking back, I should have glued the MDF parts together prior to priming and painting them. The paint made putting assembling the MDF parts harder than it needed to be.

The combination of small MDF parts, fragile acrylic parts, and my fumble fingers made assembly a challenge. I would strongly recommending watching the assembly video on YouTube when starting the project and immediately prior to any attempt to put these things together. Relying on memory just leads to avoidable mistakes.

Each package contains the parts to build six Access Terminals. There are only five assembled Access Terminals in my photo. And my bits collection is little larger. In the future, I may choose to avoid Warsenal's smaller and more detailed terrain pieces. This isn't a strike against Warsenal - I like their acrylic markers, MDF terrain, and plastic bases. On a personal level, I'm finding that I lack the manual dexterity to put together the small parts that go into their scatter terrain.

Overall, I'm pleased with Warsenal's Access Terminals. The transparent acrylic parts give each piece a holographic appearance. The design is not so specific that it won't fit into a variety of futuristic settings.

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